Delta robots (3/4 axis robots, flexible robots), scara robots and 6 axis robots.

Main applications are Robotic Case Packers, Material Handling Robotic Machines, Robotic Palletizers, Wet Wipes Lids Applicator.

The safety standard is according the EU machinery safety standards. The stability can meet the client’s requirements.

Wet wipes lids applicator, production end-line case packer, bottle unscrambler and palletizer.




Min. Temp.


Max. Temp.


Max. Humidity

Max. 90% at 20°C



Working voltage

AC 380V±10%(3P+N+PE,50HZ±1%)



Obtain 3-phase 380VAC power (three-phase five-wire system) through the XS3 plug at the lower end of the electrical box, and the cross-sectional area of each distribution line must not be less than 2.5mm².

There are 2 conventional cables A and B connection between the robot electric box and the main body, and 1 safety door cable C connection (optional):


A. Servo power cable: Provide power for the drive module. One end is connected to the XS2 jack of the electrical box, and one end is connected to the upper interface of the rack leg.

B. Signal cable: the feedback signal and internal IO signal of the drive module. One end is connected to the XS1 socket of the electric box and the other end is connected to the lower interface of the rack leg.

C. Safety door cable: contains the safety switch signal on the safety door and the signal of the safety door button box. One end is connected to the XS7 jack of the electric box, and one end is connected to the DB15 plug on the static platform.

Determine reliability standards

The equipment provided should achieve 95% operating efficiency (OE).

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N = The number of NG pieces produced

D = Nominated speed

Tt = Total running time

Tl = Loss of time due to problems unrelated to the machine, such as

Utilities-gas or power failure

Product or batch changes

Material is out of specification

Downtime caused by other equipment failures

Insufficient product supply

Loss of time due to operator error

(A) Recommended spare parts

(B) Vulnerable parts, used for equipment, including symptoms of wear and tear.


a. product infeeding video;

b. on-site CAD drawing with DWG format;

c. URS

All end-line packaging process.



30% T/T advanced, 70% prior shipment.


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