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EKE constructs low-cost scara robots designed for general-purpose applications requiring fast, repeatable and articulate movements to reduce labor costs and ensure precise manufacturing. For efficient sorting, unscrambling, allaying, packing, assembly, picking and placing, our robots are optimized for smart work and can adapt to harsh work environments.

Scara robots

Smart Robot, Unbeatable Performance

Through constant innovation and drive for perfection, our scara robots deliver exceptional performance that directly improves any automated production lines.


Experience the Industry Leading Speed

Achieving high-speed operation and high repeat positioning accuracy, our scara robots can meet industry requirements for efficient production.


Extreme Accuracy within Each Movement

With extremely high movement speed and repeat positioning accuracy, scara robots can complete product assembly work efficiently and with high quality.


Find the Right One, Handle the Task Right

Available in different payload capabilities, our robots can easily carry up to 6kg of materials stably, making them fit for various types of applications.


User-friend UI Interface Makes Operation Easier

Our scara robots can be easily integrated and programmed according to the production line changes and needs while mitigating extra costs.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance Likes Never Before

Adopting modular design into our industrial robots, you can easily realize fast and easy maintenance and repair, minimizing your downtime to the best.


Every Inch Counts for Compact Production

Compared with peer‘s products, the volume of our scara robots is reduced by 25%, making it more convenient to work in a compact space.

Cutting-edge Technology Engineered for Superb Efficiency

Part of our personnel has graduated from prestigious universities including Columbia University, Rennes University, Tsinghua University, and more. With more than 10 years of experience in the robotic industry, we had gained more than a hundred patents for our robots.

Integrated Controller

Integrated Controller


Our controller integrates motion control, vision processing, dynamic tracking together, and realizes multi-machine information fusion to ensure high-speed collaborative operation of multiple robots.

Intelligent Vision System

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We developed 2D and 3D vision systems as well as adopted deep learning technology to correctly identify and detect various objects within a complex environment.

Project Oriented End-of-Arm Tooling

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Our end-of-arm tooling can adapt to your product types, allowing our industrial robots to handle your goods to the greatest extent while avoiding damaging them.

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Varying in parameters and sizes, our scara robots can be used for various applications with superior quality and high performance.

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