Industrial Robots

EKE offers a wide range of premium industrial robots which cater to various applications in diverse industries. 

Professional Industrial Robot Manufacturer

We have a rich selection of market-leading industrial robots such as our delta robots, scara robots, and 6-Axis robots that can achieve high payload, optimized speeds, and extended reach. With cutting-edge controllers, vision systems, peripherals, and various best-in-class components, EKE can create a tailored robotic automation production solution for your manufacturing needs.

Our Range of Industrial Robots

We help you find a specific industrial robot that suits your automation production needs among our product offerings.

Our delta robots can achieve accurate organization of various items based on their position, color, shape, size, and other factors thanks to the vision system, ensuring a streamlined production. 

Our scara robots can achieve a sensor-free compliance control function for linearity and vertical performance. Each of our scara robots can achieve optimized speed and accuracy for various industries.

Our 6 Axis robots have a repeat positioning accuracy of ±0.01mm, allowing for various tasks involving small or compact items such as loading, unloading, sorting, and assembly at high speed and precision.

The Reasons to Choose Our Industrial Robots

Boasting high performance and cutting-edge technologies, our industrial robots can help improve your automated production to the next level.


User-friendly user interface makes our industrial robot easy for staff to program and calibrate, allowing for immediate integration and updates for your automated production system. 


The speed beat of our delta robots can be less than 0.22 seconds, which is the leading industry level. With the speed of our robots, we ensure fast and smooth processing for streamlined production.


Our industrial robots have a high-precision repeat positioning for optimized accuracy and precision in processing for production line. EKE robotics ensures a fast and error-free process for various businesses.


The stability of our robots boosts overall coordination among equipment performance, beat, quality, and safety protection, leading to low maintenance costs and high performance of production lines. 

Automated Manufacturing within Reach

EKE’s 10 years of experience in designing and developing industrial robots and automated production lines can set you ahead of your peers in your target market. We have cutting-edge technology and integration resources which help us to bring impactful automation solutions to boost your productivity.

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Start automating your production efficiently with tailor-made automation production solutions and cutting-edge industrial robots.

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EKE is a specialized industrial robot manufacturer as well as an automation solution provider, excelling at designing and manufacturing industrial robots and providing impactful automation solutions to enterprises.

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