Our Team

Meet the team behind ingenious manufacturing robots: creative individuals that are passionate about bringing industrial robots and automation solutions to the next level.

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Competent Experts in Their Fields

Leading our specialists are expert technicians that gained their knowledge from prestigious universities such as Columbia University, University of Rennes, and Tsinghua University, and more.

Majors in different fields, including electrical, programming, and robotics, our technicians honed their craft with over 10 years of experience in the robotics industry.

Project Management Team

Serving as the coordinator between teams and the client, the project manager makes sure that the project goes smoothly while meeting the client’s budget and functional requirements.

Mechanical Engineering Team

In charge of design and construction, our mechanical engineering team ensures that the mechanical functions of the project, along with the overall layout, are implemented from beginning to end.

Electrical Engineering Team

Responsible for systems integration, the electrical engineering team works on the electrical design and function of the project, which includes cable layout and routing.

Some Call it the Job, We Call it the Passion

EKE is defined by our united passion for robotics and how to elevate automation production capabilities. We show this passion by developing cutting-edge industrial robots and integrating them into any automation system, boosting production and improving product output.

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Innovation is Our Core

Never content with the current technology, our team is always searching for the next advancement in robotics technology to serve you better.

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Talented Staff

Our technicians are experts in their specific fields, bringing over 10 years of experience and expertise in different branches of robotics to the team.

Professional Testing Lab

We achieve consistency in design and execution by conducting various tests using our state-of-the-art testing equipment and optimizing for the best results.

Continuous Robot Optimization

Always raising the bar, we continue to optimize our technology to ensure EKE is at the forefront of the intelligent production revolution.

Take a Look at Our Patents

As a testament to our commitment, EKE has garnered more than a hundred patents for our design innovations, including dozens of invention patents and numerous design patents.

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