Robotic Automation in the Logistics Industry

High payload is a key aspect in the logistics industry. For the ≤7kg small box, we normally use 6 axis robots to stack. For the >7kg carton cases, Palletizer robot will do. We also can handle different palletizing pattern and different sizes. At the front-end of the logistics line, we also can do the sorting, classifying and packing process.

Growing Challenges You Might Encounter

Take Advantage of Robotics Automation

With our versatile industrial robots, we can help you improve your logistics production process efficiently thanks to the high performance of our robots.

Improved Productivity

By removing manual labor from your production floor, our robotic automation removes inconsistencies or human errors done by the operator to ensure a smooth production process.

Consistent Quality

Removing the human element from the manual process can reduce the wastage rate as well as product reworks within your production floor.

Reduced Labor

The robotic automation production line can reduce labor costs, which can significantly lower operator injuries and cut insurance premiums.

Flexible Calibration

Our industrial robots can be easily programmed to handle multiple processing with a user-friendly user interface. They can also be redeployed in other areas of your factory if production needs change.

Safe Operation

In case of an emergency, each of our industrial robots has an emergency stop and channel safety circuit monitoring function. These features ensure a safe production.

Optimized Precision

The accuracy of our industrial robots increases the quality and consistency of repetitive tasks. Unlike manual labor, our robots are designed to work non-stop.

Robotics Applications in Logistics Industry

electronical robots sorting and inspecting

Pick and Pack

Sorting, Inspecting, Pick and Pack

Packaging, Palletizing, Kitting

Palletizing robots in the Electronics Industry


Picking, Palletizing, Transporting

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All of our industrial robots are used by various industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, new energy business, and more.

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The versatility of our industrial robots allows them to perform various tasks such as sorting, assembling welding, and more.

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Know how we made our clients succeed through our previous robotic automation equipment projects.

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