For years, our industrial robots have extended support for different industries while satisfying diverse needs and growing challenges head-on.

Our Range of Industries

Owing to high performance and versatile properties, our industrial robots are widely utilized for a variety of industries ranging from electronics, logistics, pharmaceutical, and more

For precise dispensing, assembly, screw-driving, and other tasks involving high repeatability, our robots help you redeploy skilled workers to urgent matters.

Helpful for packaging and machine tending, our industrial robots are clean and safe for food and beverage applications.

To help organize and arrange products together for delivery, we provide advanced robotic automation systems for kitting, bin picking, palletizing, and more.

When you want faster and easier handling of packaging and arrangement of personal care products, try out robots that reduce labor costs.

Hygienic and low-touch production is easy with our clean industrial robots. Through high flexibility, our robots solve inefficiencies across production lines.

Solar and wind power


Industrial robots are typically used for material handling, inspection, and testing in the energy sector which requires attention to detail and accuracy.

We are Your Second to None Choice

Through our understanding of industry trends, we continue to supply industrial robots and robotics automation systems that directly attend to your business needs.

Well-vetted Suppliers

Through a stringent selection process, we pick out specific suppliers who can deliver quality parts and raw materials. This way, we can ensure easy and high-quality integration.

Robust Integration Capability

With over 10 years of experience in the robotic industry, we design and develop controllers, vision systems, end-of-arm tooling by ourselves for seamless and fast one-roof integration.

Professional Solutions

With our talented technicians and project managers, we provide you with professional and tailor-made solutions which cater to your specific production needs and requirements and scale your productivity.

Powerful Manufacturing Base

Covering an area of 10,000㎡, our factory consistently manages an annual production of more than 1,000 units. By manufacturing and integrating under one roof, we can help control the cost and quality to the fullest.

Versatile Robots, Multiple Applications

With advanced technology and versatile properties, our industrial robots can be widely used for numerous applications.

We Build Exceptional Industrial Robots

We have been designing and developing industry-leading industrial robots integrating advanced controllers, intelligent vision systems, smart tracking systems, and more since 2012.

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