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Considered as the backbone of our business, our facility houses the latest production equipment to complete orders with speed and efficiency.

Factory Profile

A Contemporary Factory

With a floor space of 10,000㎡, our modern manufacturing facility has individual R&D facilities, testing laboratories, and dedicated workshops to facilitate the mass production of industrial robots and automation production lines. The facility is also secured with numerous certifications, showing compliance with global manufacturing standards.

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Exterior of industrial Robot Manufacturer
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Factory Area
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Production Lines

Highly Equipped Manufacturing Workshops

A series of dedicated workshops make production fast and streamlined, as multiple workshops handle different parts of production while maintaining superior quality.

Robot is handling a bag of chips

Workshop 1

Robot is handling a soap

Workshop 2

Robot is handling a blue bottle

Workshop 3

Robot is handling a chip

Workshop 4

Robot is gripping an orange bottle

Workshop 5

The front-end sorting and subsequent packaging production workshop of medical packages

Workshop 6

Bright and spacious factory filled with machinery

6S Management for Maximum Productivity

Focused on ensuring workplace safety and productivity, EKE implements the 6S factory system to achieve the best marks in product quality and efficiency while maintaining safety and employee satisfaction.

Lean Integration Under One-roof

Adapting a streamlined approach to manufacturing industrial robots and automation systems lets our team achieve better productivity and produce high-end industrial robots and robotics production systems that satisfy diverse needs.

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