Intelligence Creates a Better Life

Our passion for intelligent and efficient production equipment gave birth to our line of cutting-edge industrial robot technology that utilizes advanced control systems, vision systems, and reliable conveyor tracking technology.

Quick Response

Intelligent control system fully integrates robotics, visual recognition, and conveyor tracking to establish a responsive robot that takes care of your production requirements.

Multi-machine Collaboration

Our robots are calibrated to work in tandem with one another, creating a sophisticated network of robots up to 12-axis linkage (3 Delta robots) without the need for external communication tools.

Easy Manipulation

A simple user interface allows users to make immediate changes in the robot’s operation, programming, teaching, and conveyor tracking.

Modular Design

Easy to configure design makes periodic maintenance and task changes effortless, reducing downtime in production and minimizing output loss.

Industrial Robots

EKE is a leading manufacturer of industrial robots that fit various production processes, including delta robots, scara robots, and 6-axis robots. Each robot from our line features excellent construction, high-speed performance, and quick repeat positioning for efficient and reliable production.

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Built with simple manipulation and industry-leading technology in mind, our functional controllers integrate motion control, vision processing, and dynamic tracking technologies.

The controllers also facilitate multi-machine information fusion and multi-robot high-speed collaboration.

Algorithm processing and motion control

Machine pathology, algorithm planning ability

Control the robot to complete packing, sorting, arranging and other tasks according to specific requirements

Vision System

Armed with the latest optical sensors, our built-in vision system improves product quality and reduces output errors in production while lowering production costs.

With a combination of cutting-edge technology, our vision system excels at conducting product inspection, measurements, and quality control in the production line.


Actual inspection, measurement and control.
Suited for material handling, palletizing, depalletizing, as well as vision inspection.


Scattered material grabbing, deep object detection, 3D detection, 3D measurement.
Suited for depalletizing, kitting, tote picking, presence/absence check, 3D visual line tracking.

End-of-Arm Tooling

A dedicated team of in-house tooling specialists creates specific end-of-arm toolings tailor-made for the task at hand. Custom end of arm toolings ranging from mechanical grippers, vacuum grippers, bottle grippers, and multi-function grippers can meet your application needs, allowing for quick changes when the robotic arms are needed to complete different tasks.

Conveyor Tracking

With cutting-edge conveyor tracking technology, our industrial robots can accurately trace, pick up, and move products from a moving conveyor belt to the required packaging. This greatly reduces production time while maintaining high quality in production, yielding better output.

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