Product Management

Our project managers manage every phase and deliver updates on our progress. Through solid coordination with our team, you can easily focus on your business operations as we take care of the production process.

Workers are having a meeting
Worker is debugging the machine

Installation & Debugging

Together with our project managers and expert electrical and mechanical engineers, we assist in providing system assembly, startup, and training. Along with on-site installation, we also place IoT debugging to help with remote debugging.


We offer training during the installation and start-up phase on each automation system. Meanwhile, we will continue to provide thorough training and after-sales support as needed for the life of the system to maintain high efficiencies and performance. 

2 people are discussing beside the robot
Robot under maintence


Whether domestic or overseas, we can offer you maintenance services at your request. Bilingual technical personnel is at your disposal to oversee your automated system and provide maintenance services along the way.

We can also diagnose problems remotely with IoT Implantation, which can tackle cases from a distance, without the need for a service visit.

Spare Parts

A key objective in a manufacturing environment is to minimize unplanned downtime and keep your automated lines running. As such, we maintain an inventory of quality-approved spare parts and consumables.

A worker is checking inventory
Worker is repairing the robot

Repair & Retrofit

Each of our robots and automated systems covers a one-year warranty. We offer affordable repairs to help you mitigate downtime loss. With our retrofitting, we can better adjust your robots and automated systems to your production line.

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