Robotic Palletizers

Automate Your Palletizing Efficiently

Compared to other palletizing machines, robotic palletizers offer better advantages that drastically improve the performance and output of your production facility. The adjustable capabilities of our robots allow for simultaneous product handling based on your desired configuration. Robotic palletizers can also form multi-layered pallets directly from the conveyor, maximizing production efficiency.

Robotic Technology for Optimized Productivity

EKE takes a sustainable and optimal approach to the market’s palletizing needs with our cutting-edge robotic palletizer and depalletizer systems. Utilizing a combination of user-friendly control interface, responsive robotic technology, and cutting-edge visual system, our robots provide tailor-made solutions that allow end-users to adjust case sizes and pallet patterns depending on production needs.

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Your Potential Challenges


Some production lines handle sensitive operations that could be dangerous to humans.

Complex Manipulation

Traditional production lines require intricate programming to adapt tasks.

High Labor Demand

High-level production entails a fast-paced labor, requiring many personnel.

Low Productivity

Personnel-dependent production lines experience production delays due to human error.

Harsh Environment Requirement

Adverse environmental conditions are not suitable for manual labor.

Our Specific Solutions


Automated production lines require minimal human interaction, keeping personnel safe.

Easy Manipulation

User-friendly interface allows for quick task adjustments, minimizing downtime.

Reduced Labor Issues

Smart and programmable automated robots handle multiple tasks at once.

Improved Productivity

Fast-paced automated production reduces human errors and increases output.

Harsh Environments Adaptive

Our automated robots can handle diverse environments.

One Does Not Fit All

Understanding that each production line has unique concerns, as a professional robotic palletizer manufacturer we place our expertise and skill in developing robotic palletizers that are tailor-made to address your production needs and help save your robotic palletizer cost to the fullest.

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Ready to Improve Your Palletizing Process?

With over 10 years of experience in designing and developing high-performance industrial robots, we know what the market needs in robotic case packers. Our automated robotics case packers are used in more than 50 cities in the county and are exported to more than 10 countries worldwide. Boost your business today with EKE’s expansive automation solutions.

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Our versatile industrial robots can be widely used for a variety of applications to address your automation production needs.

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Whatever production requirements you have, EKE is sure to deliver an automated solution and recommend the suitable industrial robots for you.

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Review previous client situations that our expert technicians addressed through our automated production line solutions.


Ready to Boost Your Business with Robotics Automation?

Start automating your production efficiently with tailor-made automation production solutions and cutting-edge industrial robots.

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