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With our state-of-the-art industrial robots and automated production solutions, you can expect higher productivity and improved product quality while reducing production costs and cycle times.

Increase Productivity

Enabling more efficient operations, our industrial robots are your key to profitable production.

Reduce Downtime

Owing to modular design and cutting-edge technology, our robots minimize your downtime.

Reduce Labor

Maximize productivity with our versatile robots that handle more tasks to reduce labor costs.

Who Are We

Founded in 2012 and located in Shanghai, EKE as a subsidiary of Robot Phoenix is a comprehensive enterprise integrating industrial robots, integration of automation systems, the development of control systems and vision systems, and more.

Up till now, EKE has obtained dozens of patented technologies and has seized a larger market share in China and various applications all over the world.


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Our Range of Industrial Robots

To handle growing challenges in various industries, we introduce advanced industrial robots that can be easily integrated into your automation production system.

Often used for picking up items, our delta robots have advanced vision technologies to help distinguish various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Our scara robot is adept at handling small part assembly applications with rapid cycle times through their high precision and reliability.

Available in varying sizes and designed for long-term use, our versatile 6 axis robots are designed for high-speed and high precision automation operations.

Industrial Robots in Practical Applications

Ranging from palletizing and packaging to material handling, our custom automation systems that utilize advanced industrial robots result in increased productivity and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Robotic case packers system

    Robotic Case Packers

    With an excellent vision system, our robotic packers are designed to provide a robust and precise packing method for increased productivity.

  • industrial robots placing the top of cardborad

    Material Handling Robotic Machines

    Outfitted with the latest technology, our industrial robots can easily automate your production line’s most tedious, unsafe, and dull tasks and increase your productivity.

  • Robotic palletizers in practical usage

    Robotic Palletizers

    Robotic palletizing systems are suitable for shipping, manufacturing, and food processing industries thanks to their high working efficiency.

Explore Industries We Serve

To meet the needs of numerous enterprises and their demanding production challenges, we provide robotic automation solutions that fit a wide array of industries.

Depend on Our Unbeatable Capabilities

Boasting cutting-edge patented technologies, unparalleled services, and a rigorous quality system, we possess the competent capabilities to make you succeed.

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    Advanced Technology

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    Unparalleled Services

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    Superior Quality

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    Advanced Technology

    Beyond developing world-class industrial robots, we manufacture advanced control systems, vision systems, and conveyor tracking technology. With multi-robot high-speed collaborative technology, we gained recognition from the China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF).

    • Conveyor Tracking
    • Advanced Controller
    • Smart Vision System
    • IoT Implantation
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    Unparalleled Services

    Count on our services covering pre-sales, project management, and hassle-free after-sales to help you with the installation and application of our robotics automation system for the long term.

    • Installation & Debugging
    • Maintenance
    • Training
    • Spare Parts
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    Superior Quality

    Complying with ISO 9001:2015 quality system, we guarantee excellent industrial robots and automated systems through our advanced testing facilities and rigorous processes.

    • Professional Inspectors
    • Professional Testing Lab
    • Branded Components
    • Rigorous Quality System

Comprehensive Customization Made Easier

We are adept at providing hassle-free and peace of mind customization of robotic automation systems. See how we integrate our robots into your production line.

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Meticulous Consultation

Our experts offer professional advice and gather information from you to ensure we completely understand your needs.

Professional Solution

We offer you tailor-made solutions after thorough analysis as fast as 3 days, aiming to bring maximum increased productivity to your factory.

Intuitive Design

Along with a complete ppt outline, we design your automated systems with CAD or 3D drawings to help you visualize your project before production.

Line Integration

An exhaustive line integration involves integrating our robots, vision system, controller, and branded components to fit precisely into your production line.


From incoming inspections to quality tests for finished automated systems and industrial robots, we conduct precise testing to ensure quality is premium.


Every robotics product is carefully packed with a wooden case and packaging to keep it in perfect condition upon delivery.

After-sales Support

We get you covered with our comprehensive after-sales support from free training and commissioning to repair, enabling you peace of mind purchasing.

Our Partners

Digging into the industrial robot industry for 10 years, we have been helping a variety of renowned customers home and abroad develop automated production systems to improve productivity.

Ready to Boost Your Business with Robotics Automation?

Start automating your production efficiently with tailor-made automation production solutions and cutting-edge industrial robots.

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EKE is a specialized industrial robot manufacturer as well as an automation solution provider, excelling at designing and manufacturing industrial robots and providing impactful automation solutions to enterprises.

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